iBOX (Full version)
For 7 up to max 32 inputs
DIN rail cabinet

  MANUAL iBOX datalogger 
     version 12                                      see 
version history
- For manual click here
  - For download software version 12 click
    ONLY for iBOX systems with 12.x  firmware versions
  - Copy supplied specific configuration file of your system into the software directory!

    After connecting power the GREEN LED should flash
    If a LED is constantly ON, repower the system!




Mini iBOX-2S for 
max 6 inputs/outputs
Small size  DIN rail cabinet
h:11 cm, w 7,5 cm, d 2,7 cm
  Supplied by EKOPOWER - The Netherlands with
Metaalunie conditions,
  Warranty (carry-in) based on normal operational conditions;
  damage by chemical environments and lightning is excluded from warranty.
  Place logger in heated cabinet in (very) cold climates.
  Take care for lightning arrestor and proper grounding of the
  lightning sensitive signals, like anemometer etc
  When used outside place the logger in well closed waterproof box with silicagel bag.
  Designed and made in the EU (The Netherlands).