EKOPOWER has a lot experience in the field of measuring and monitoring, since 1983 in over 90 countries, especially wind monitoring systems for wind energy applications and meteorological stations.

ACCURACY of wind speed measurements is a KEY FACTOR for wind energy projects!

The accuracy of the calculated Wind Energy production from wind data:

As the Power of a wind turbine is proportional to the cube of the wind speed (v3), a small deviation in wind speed will highly affect the calculation of the energy production. The relative deviation of the calculated energy production is equal to: 3*total system accuracy / average wind speed.

Accuracy of the energy prediction

For example: when the yearly average wind speed is 6 m/s, measured with a system accuracy of +/- 0.5 m/s, the error in the calculation of the annual energy production is appr. +/- 25%.

The accuracy should be in the range of 0.1- 0.2 m/s for good results of the prediction or evaluation  of the energy production of a (planned) wind energy

Energy production
It is important to calculate the energy output of a wind turbine, with known power curve, using the recorded wind speed frequency distribution. Normally the total energy output of a wind turbine is calculated during a one year period.
EKOPOWER supplies all the tools to calculate the energy ouput of a wind turbine or wind farm, important for evaluation of investments of different types of wind turbines for a specific site! Reliable and accurate wind speed measurements are the basis needs for such a calculation! For more detailed information please refer to the following information:



Windenergy rose 1Windenergy rose 2

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Application notes & literature concerning  wind energy  & wind measurements:

1. Accuracy of wind speed data: a key-factor in the economic analysis of wind energy projects

2. The truth about wind speed wind power measurements.  pdf file:appnote2

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Book "Introduction to Wind Energy"  by ir Erik H. Lysen   
    Very good information about wind energy basics and windmeasurements/analysis
    (link available on request)

8. Book "
Windklimaat van Nederland"  by prof J Wieringa (Dutch)
    A standard work about the behaviour of wind (link available on request)



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