New: internet instrumentation systems

- NEW: DC kWh meter for monitoring energy production of windturbines and
PV Solar Energy systems with  DC power system 12/24/48 V DC.
Optional web displays with ONLINE kWh meter and/or
ONLINE Real Time Graphs, using the optional (also wireless) internet connection!

-  New low cost windloggers (starting from 495 euro ex VAT)

iP Contol Switch: operate switches via your browser (via Internet)

Vantage Vue weather station/ weerstation, see also our new

- WindOne package: a superior First Class
Wind Monitoring System

- NEW DATALOGGER LINES: see product overview
  For quick-to-install and easy-to-use datalogging projects!
 > Can be configured for your Specific Project: ready for use!
 > Including Sensors, Transducers, Software, Inputs for any sensorl
 > Signal conditioning inside the system! No external units required!
 > Ultra low power field versions for remote applications
 > INTERNET CONNECTION: receive data on your server and Online Graphs

-   iP sensor module for any sensor

Any "classic" sensor or transducer (single or a group) can be transformed into an
intelligent iP enabled sensor
(with optional online graphs):
 send values from a remote location to any server world-wide (via internet) with
- EKO21N-iP: from a remote location with wireless GPRS: via internet to any server 
- iBOX : from sensor to a local network/server or via internet to a remote server


Your PC-Monitor as display for analog values via ethernet or wireless ethernet
at remote locations! Operation and control simply via your web browser!
Input channels: 8 (0/4...20 mA signals), adjustable ranges and units
with optional historical graph!
More information.


   online nature fire index monitoring system

Klein brandgevaar
(low risk of  fire)
 Groot brandgevaar
 (high risk of fire)

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