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Our measuring, telemetry, monitoring and control

systems are used for a wide range of applications:


- Standard and customised projects, also with your own Brand!


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 Development of measuring and monitoring systems for your specific application


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Some examples of special projects:

* Wind speed monitoring systems for wind energy applications (many sites around the world)
* In Scandinavia EKOPOWER supplied many professional windmonitoring systems
   with 6 MEASNET Calibrated First Class anemometers mounted in masts up to 125 meter
   by using our flexible
iBOX datalogger.

* Online anemometer at North Sea, indicating the potential energy generation of windfarm
   expressed in nr of households using electricity fom the offshore windfarm (Greenpeace)
* Online
Wood fire index monitoring system (for Fire brigades), see online map (The Netherlands)
* iP  
anemometer  with online measurements  (Stena Line, Stageco, 48 Bridges)
* PV solar monitoring systems (several sites)
* Water level monitoring & sms alarm system-ultra low power (10 years battery life)
* Watermill monitoring system (Africa, several sites)
* Test fields for small wind turbines (Essent)
* Online Weather monitoring systems for "Vierdaagse Nijmegen"
* Compost monitoring system (online measurements of 16 temperatures, UK)
* Monitoring system for solar car (Solar Challenge, Australia)

* Bridge monitoring system with low power iBOX and  3G/GPRS router (South Korea)
* Special Wind & Meteo projects
* Traffic monitoring sysem


 Professional Solutions




EKOPOWER supplies complete "turn-key"  datalogger systems according to your description and required functions.

iP telemetry is possible and datalogging with online options by using our flexible iBOX datalogger, which can be configured for many projects and with one up to max 32 input channels.

We can help you to define the required specifications of the system. We design and configure the system for you including sensors, transducers, calibration and (optional online) presentation according to your specific requirements.

We offer important communication options via Ethernet networks or via Internet. Wireless GPRS/3G or WiFi  internet connection is possible for remote (or mobile) applications and with ultra low power consumption for stand alone systems (with battery or solar power). Optional presentation of ONLINE
Data /Graphs/ WEB-display is also included.

Ready for use turn-key projects, not any programming required. Our world-wide experience with special pojects gives us the expertise to solve also your specific monitoring/datalogging problem!

If you send us your requirements we will offer you our cost effective solution!