PV SOLAR ENERGY Monitoring System

Complete Solutions for Your Solar Energy Monitoring Project
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PV Solar Energy System

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> Online Energy Monitoring Systems


- Remote Online kWh & Power Monitoring of Professional (medium and big scale) PV  Solar Energy Systems
- Monitoring of efficiency (and early fault detection) by using an additional Solar Radiation sensor
- Alarm notification and reporting of defects ( eg by malfunction, decrease of efficiency, vandalism etc.)
- Power and Energy Performance Evaluation of PV Solar Energy System (using collected data)
- Research & Development of PV Solar Energy systems
- Also for other applications like Wind Energy Projects


Customized Web Displays are available, see examples for small PV System 2500 Watt JA Solar PV Panels
(Demo system installed by RE-SOURCE The Netherlands)

Cumulative kWh meter
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

 kWh Meter of PV System (since 23-1-2014)

Ten minute Average Power (Watts)
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

  Average Power (Watts) of PV System


The Basic ONLINE Energy Monitoring System consists of a Smart Datalogger System iBOX-2S  with Internet Connection,
which is connected to a pulse generating kWh meter and to internet via router  (LAN or WLAN or 3G router).
The kWh and Power values  (and also the  optional channels like solar radiation) are stored each 10 minutes
at the 2GB micro SD card of the iBOX-2S. Moreover the recorded values can be send automatically to a server or Cloud.

Additional analog sensors & signals can also be connected like:
Temperature, Solar Radiation Sensor
6450 or First Class Pyranometer type  SR12Anemometer,  4-20 mA signals etc ,
Online Graphs .


AC Systems

The ONLINE PV kWh meter can be configured for 1 or 3 phase AC  systems.
Please specify the voltage, current, phases  ( 1 or 3), grid system (3 or 4 wire) at order.
The system can be connected to any existing puls generating kWh meter  (or Gas/Water/Flow meter!)
AC kWh meters with double registration (production and consumption) are also available.

DC Systems

For DC systems an advanced DC transducer/kWh meter is available for measurement of PV panels with:
DC voltage, DC current, DC power and DC kWh,  for any DC voltage and DC current range

datalogger ibox 2s

iBOX-2S unit for max 6 inputs/outputs
    including 2GB micro SD Card
with DIN rail mounting
Example of 1 Phase kWh meter
with pulse output and  DIN rail mounting


The ONLINE PV kWh meter can be supplied in several modes:
A. Measuring the kWh value during an adjustable interval
    (eg 1, 10, 15 minutes) with reset using a 12 Bits Counter, optional prescaler: 2 up to 12 Bits
B. Measuring  the average Power in Watts or kWatt during an adjustable interval
    (eg 1, 10, 15 minutes) using a 24 Bits Counter, optional prescaler: 2 up to 12Bits
C. Measuring CUMULATIVE kWh production (or consumption), with adjustable update interval
    in this case the kWh counter is
NON-VOLATILE and has a high capacity counter
    (24 Bits Counter with optional 2..12 Bits prescaler )
More then one mode can be active in one system.
For cumulative counters the iBOX is counting pulses also when the power is disconnected and keep the values.

Example of InfoGraphic For Wind Turbine  (can be customized)

online kwh meter

The cumulative kWh meter values are NON VOLATILE, so when the power of the system is
interrupted the values are not lost!
The calibration can simply be carried out in advance via software by entering a "pulse- value"


The system is expandable and also to use for other applications, eg:
- A wind turbine: cumulative Energy production (kWh), current Power (Watts),
Wind speed (m/s)
- A PV Solar system: cumulative Energy production (kWh), current Power (Watts),
  Additoinal: Solar Radiation (W/m2) by using a low cost solar radiation sensor type

- A Solar Heating system: Flow from puls generating Flow sensor
  Additional: 2 temperature sensors,  Solar Radiation (W/m2) by using a
  low cost solar radiation sensor type
6450 or First Class Pyranometer type  SR12,
- Also  more kWh meters can be connected to one module:
  max 6 pcs with 12 Bits Counter OR  max 3 pcs with 24 bits non volatile counters. 
  Even additional remote control (iP switch) and alarm options are possible.
  UTC/GMT time synchronisation of the systemj is also possible.
  Ask our application engineers for the possibilities!

Data sheets additional Meteo Sensors and Accessories

  >Temperature sensor TS21 with shield WS21

  > Humidity sensor HUM21+
  > Atm Pressure sensor APS21
  > Anemometer & Vane  Low Cost 6410E
  > Anemometer MAX40+ (also available  with 4-20 mA output)
  > Windvane DIR21+   (also available  with 4-20 mA output)
Acoustic Wind sensor (for connection to iBOX or with analog outputs)
First Class Anemometer
  > Solar Radiation sensor 6450 (with optional bracket 6673)
  > Solar Radiation sensor Professional 
  > Rain colector 7852 M (also availabale for mast-mount)
  > Sensor Mounting Arm USMA for mounting to mast or Tripod


The modules have Ethernet connection with built-in
webserver for direct connection
to a network or router. Optional wireless connections:
- WiFi for wireless local network connection
- 3G router for wireless remote network connection  
- The systems can send data files automatically to a server / free Cloud (via FTP)
  or via e-mail to your PC.

Optional Online Options , like Online Graphs and WEB Displays can be supplied according
to your requirements and are very easy to integrate in your website. Optional hosting for online graphs
is also possible. Simply copy and paste some html code or make a link to the page.

The kWh values can also be read over the internet using the built-in
webserver by using your browser.
The webserver is remote to access over the internet, using port forwarding in the router.