Smart Online Pulse Counter

Professional (sub)-metering applications for eg :
kWh / Gas / Water / Rain / FLOW/ Traffic /  PV /  Wind Energy systems
with powerful options : TCP/iP - Ethernet- FTP - WiFi - 4G- Datalogging 

Data (counter values) automatically send from iBOX-2S system to your own FTP-Server or Cloud
* Independant Monitoring for research, evaluation and registration
* Optional: Data storage to 2GB uSD Card, extra analog inputs, Online Graphs and WEB-dispay
* Optional extra counter inputs (eg for mix of kWh / Gas  / Water pulse signals)
* Ultra low power mode option: typ 10 mW  (700 mW in Full power mode)
* Safe data transfer (in low power mode): Ethernet port only active during short periods of data transfer

datalogger ibox 2s  
    iBOX-2S unit
    including 2GB micro SD Card
with DIN rail mounting

Example of 1 Phase kWh meter
with pulse output and  DIN rail mounting

Cumulative kWh meter
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

 kWh Meter of PV System (since 23-1-2014)

Ten minute Average Power (Watts)
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

  Average Power (Watts) of PV System

The Power of simplicity and reliability
From the updating cumulative kWh value 2 important additional values can be calculated (eg at the server):
1 The increase of kWh value during each update interval is the generated  (or used) energy in kWh during that interval.
2 The increase kWh divided by the interval in hours give the average power in kWatts


- Remote 
kWh metering for Solar (PV), Wind Energy and Energy Monitoring & Management
- Remote metering of GAS, WATER, RAIN, TRAFFIC, FLOW and other pulse generating sensors
  eg Solar Heating system: Flow from puls generating Flow sensor

MAIN FUNCTION (for configuration nr 705, see below)

Measuring the number of pulses counter during a preset update interval and transfer this value
to a FTP server (like kWh production or consumption)  

At the server an (overwriting)  file (string) will be received (at pre adjusted intervals eg 15 min ) from the  iBOX-2S system with:
date, time, current pulscount value.
In this way the memory use of the server in minimal and from the received file a database can be created easily
as basis for your own customised data processing. 

The Basic ONLINE Pulse Counting System consists of a  iBOX-2S system in so called iSENSE mode (see iSense)
without data logging to uSD Card  (logging is an option). 
This iBOX -2S configuration  (nr 705)  has a  CUMULATIVE  & NON-VOLATILE 24 Bits pulse counter input,
which can be  connected to any pulse generating sensor or transducer
(like kWh, gas, water, flow meters, rain collectors, anemometers, traffic etc.)

The pulse count values can also be read over the internet using the built-in webserver by using your browser.
The webserver is remote to access over the internet (by using port forwarding in the router at the iBOX-2S end).


Data (counter values) are  automatically send to your own FTP-Server or Cloud
   and can also be read via your browser via the built-in webserver of the iBOX-2S
Independant measurements with self chosen transducer with puls output , accuracy, server etc
* The cumulative counter is counting pulses even  when the power is disconnected !
* Pulses can be 0-5volt puls signal, open collector or contact closure (eg reed contact)
* Adjustable update interval
* Standard Cumulative Counter, like "classic" kWh meter
* The CUMULATIVE counter is NON-VOLATILE and has a high capacity counter (24 Bits with optional 2..12 Bits prescaler )
* UTC time synchronisation is possible ( so no daylight saving time changes, no winter/summer time)
* Logger/site identification possibilities in text, file names and folder names (eg postalcode+nr and pulsvalue)
* World wide experience (and succesful operation test during at least 5 years)


The Online Pulse Counter consist of
* iBOX-2S configuration nr 705 with 24 bits non volatile cumulative counte (standard in iSENSE mode: no datalogging)
* A Pulse generating Sensor or Transducer (like kWh meter)
* Your own FTP Server or Cloud (or reading values via browser / our Online Graph Server)

When more iBOX-2S systems are used with the same configuration (705) each system can be configured with its own specific
parameters , like Server iP address, logger identification: site name (eg postal code+nr),  puls value, Filename and Server folder.
This can be carried out  by using an unique set-up configuration file, which can be modified by the user.
The uSD Card can be programmed with these parameters, and the iBOX-2S will operate according to these settings.
The specific configuration file name can be stored eg  in a specific folder (eg with name postal code+nr+puls value) for backup.
See also the
Manual (v12) The software download link is available upon request.


Counter configuration  nr 705 :
 Cumulative Non volatile Counter 24 bits without reset (current value string to server) for eg kWh, Gas etc
Counter configuration  nr 706 :
Cumulative Non volatile Counter 24 bits without reset (current value string to server with datalogging)
Counter configuration  nr 707 :
Counter 24 bits with reset (current value string to server)  for eg rain
Counter configuration  nr 708 :
Counter 24 bits with reset (current value string to server with datalogging)
Counter configuration  nr 709 :
Counter 24 bits with average value during interval (current value string to server)
eg for power (Watts) , Flow (m3/h), wind speed (m/s)  etc
Counter configuration  nr 710 :
Counter 24 bits with average value during interval (current value string to server with logging)
eg for power (Watts) , Flow (m3/h), wind speed (m/s)  etc 

Note: 24 bits counter has range 0-16769000 pulses (without optional pre scaler, adjustable from 2...12 bits, fixed)
After overflow the counter will start again from zero.

Options for customized system:
* To enter in  advance (via software) a "pulse- value" eg 1 pulse is 0.5 Wh  (standard pulses are counted)
* WiFI or 4G Router fot wireless connection
* Ultra low power consumption (< 1 mA) for battery or solar powered operation
* Extra inputs eg for monitoring of power voltage / backup voltage, 4-20 mA signals, temperature, status,
extra 24 bits non volatile counter etc
* Pre scaler 2...12 bits

* WiFi or 4G Wireless connection
* Online Historical Graphs
WEB Displays
Data logging to 2GB uSD Card (for backup, with extra option to send recorded data file to a FTP server)
Ask our application engineers for the possibilities.

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