Vantage Pro 2

vantage pro console

An incredible weather station
also available with WIRELESS sensors
for semi professional use
NL version


* meteorology (general)
* agro meteorolgy
* energy (wind, solar etc)
* environment
* health

(Agro) meteorology

For gardeners, growers, forestry or public-safety agencies, golf course managers, parks departments, and commercial landscape managers, the GroWeather measures environmental conditions which affect plant, pest, and livestock development. This integrated weather station and data logger measures/calculates, displays, and stores wind speed and direction, wind run solar radiation, solar energy, air temperature, temperature/humidity index and wind chill (apparent temperature), growing degree-days, soil temperature, humidity, dew-point, leaf wetness, barometric pressure, evapotranspiration , rainfall, and rate of rainfall. Current readings, high and low readings, cumulative totals, and "daily" averages are available for disply at the push of a button. Degree-day thresholds (both lower and upper) van be set by the user. The system van sound an alarm when values exceed a threshold set by the user.

This information enables the grower or turf manager to plant, irrigate, and control pests with high efficiency. It enables the forester or fire department to monitor fuel and wind conditions. It also gives a measure of environmental stress on workers and livestock.

Optional Sensors: (ALSO WIRELESS!)

Anemometer:Enables you to measure and display wind speed, wind direction, wind chill (with temperature sensor), and wind run.

External Temperature Sensor:Enables you to measure and display air temperature and growing degree-days or soil temperature.

External Temperature/Humidity Sensor:Enables you to measure and display air temperature, humidity, growing degree-days, temperature-humidity index, and dew-point.

Leaf Wetness Sensor:Enables you to measure and display the surface moisture on foliage.

Rain Collector:Enables you to measure and display and yearly rainfall and rate of rainfall. Separate models measure rainfall ineither 0.01-inch or 0.2-mm increments, Optional Rain Collector Heater enables you to measure the moisture content of snowfall or freezing rain.

Solar Radiation Sensor:Enables you to measure and display solar irradiance and incident energy.

Stainless Steel Temperature Probe:Enables you to measure and display air temperature and growing degree-days or soil temperature. Rugged stainless-steel construction makes sensor ideally suited to measuring soil or water temperature.

Additional options include:

  • Computer storage, analysis, and graphing using GroWeatherLink
  • Data transmission using a telephonemodem, a radio data link and to website or pc network


    Our Vantage Pro systems provide a wealth of information related to energy generation and consumption. Using the Energy Degree-Day System, fuel oil distributors and utilities can estimate fuel and power consumption. Property managers and real estate developers can estimate energy requirements for heating and cooling. Engineers can evaluate potential wind energy sites using the Wind Energy System or potential solar energy sites using the Solar Energy System. Homeowners and facility managers can optimize the performance of residential or commercial solar heating systems using the Solar Energy System. Do all this and more with the Comprehensive Energy System.

    The Energy Degree-Day System includes:
  • Outside temperature in °or °using a temperature sensor or probe
  • Heating degree-days with user-settable threshold
  • Cooling degree-days with user-settable threshold

The Wind Energy System includes:

  • Wind speed, wind direction, using the Anemometer

The Solar Energy System includes:

  • Solar radiation and solar energy using the Solar Radiation Sensor

Optional functions include:

  • Humidity, dew point, apparent temperature (temperature-humidity Index) and apparent temperature degree-days using the External Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Wind chill and wind chill degree-days using the Anemometer and any of our temperature sensors or probes
  • Daily rainfall, accumulated rainfall, and rate of rainfall using the Rain Collector.

Additional options include:

  • Computer storage, analysis, and graphing using Energy WeatherLink
  • Data transmission using a telephone modem, a radio datalink, or our Short-Range Modem Pair
    Connection to website

Our Vantage Pro systems help you monitor the conditions that can lead to health hazards such as sunburn, skin cancer, heat stress, or hypothermia, Use the Heat Stress System to keep an eye on the temperature-humidity index. Use the UV System to measure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation (index and dose), and the Full Apparent Temperature System to see the effects of the sun, wind, and humidity on the apparent temperature. For a Comprehensive Health System, add all the optional sensors. Ideal for use by radio and TV stations, daycare centers, schools, amusement parks, and resorts-wherever health and comfort are a priority.