Sustainable products for sustainable development

Sustainability  Philosophy of EKOPOWER

Sustainability  Philosophy of EKOPOWER

Our sustainable products have the following properties:

- low energy consumption

- repairable

- materials are to recycle

- non toxic: meet RoHS and CE  standard and moisture protection is carried out
   using environment- friendly coatings.


Our monitoring systems have functions which help sustainable development for eg:
* development of wind & solar energy (using our wind monitoring equipment)
* energy management (can lead to less energy consumption)
* reduction of environmental pollution
* reduction of environmental damage
* better quality of food (using our agro meteorology-equipment)   
* safety and health


And also for Management, Research,  Development,  Evaluation,  Education for:

Energy&Environment - Renewable Energy - Nature&Technology - Meteorology&Weather

Measurements (for professional applications) means more knowledge.
And knowledge can lead to the right actions in order to take our responsibility
and to maintain and improve the quality of life at our planet Earth.

"care for our world
ekopower for sustainable products
is care for ourselves"
  EKOPOWER Quality Means:
  - Sustainable products for sustainable development
  - High Permormance Cost Effective Equipment
  - Reliability & Accuracy
  - Flexibility & Service (
Special Design & Tailor Made Systems
  - Proven in export projects to over
80 countries
  - Superior State-of-the-Art Technology ( IP internet enabled)
  - Care for our World 

Reality is a complex mystery,  sometimes it seems to be "chaos" but with hidden structure.
The more we know and get aware of it, the better we understand it.

EKOPOWER puts effort in this by developing advanced high quality monitoring
equipment for (wind) energy, meteorology, environmental technology etc. :


In general a system consist of several parts:
Physical world>>Sensors/Transducers>>Electronics>> Informatics/datacommunication

EKOPOWER has a lot of experience in all parts and can supply the solution for your
monitoring problem.