Wind / Solar/ Meteo / Renewable Energy

Compatible with wind sensors from NRG, Thies, RM Young etc.
Sustainable products for sustainable development

LOW COST WIND ENERGY Monitoring Systems (incl AC/DC kWh meter)

First Class - Over 25 years specialized in wind/meteo monitoring systems

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EKO21N or iBOX  for field application in waterproof cabinet 

LOW COST Windlogger speed & direction: 495 euro ex VAT
LOW COST WIND ENERGY Monitoring Systems (incl AC/DC kWh meter)
Professional Windlogger starting from 655 euro ex VAT


cup anemometer MAX40
also availabe with
4..20 mA output!


> High accuracy
> Tailor-made systems can be supplied for your specific project
> Ultra low power consumption(<100 uA, battery life10 years)
> Low Cost
> ONLINE options: ONLINE
Data /Graphs/ WEB-display
> Remote wireless internet via GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/3G
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Wind Energy
We supply complete tools for:
* Wind Energy Feasibility Studies (location studies, with approved accuracy certifcates)
* Power Performance Evaluation (Testfields, determinaton of Power Curve of Windturbines)
* Monitoring& Management  of Wind Energy Projects (eg Wind Farms)
Accuracy of wind speed measurement is very important for wind energy
Why? See
know how about wind measurements for wind energy applications:
this is our specialty since 1983 and has been exported to over 90 countries

Solar Energy
* Solar Energy Feasibility Studies and Power Performance Evaluation
- PV (Photo-Voltaic solar modules):
Including current & power transducers (AC/DC), solar radiation sensors,
temperature sensors etc.
- Solar Thermal Systems:
Including temperature sensors, flow sensors, solar radiation sensors
Tailor-made systems can be supplied for PV or thermal systems

* Meteo Stations for professional applications
Including all required sensors like:
- wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, rain, solar radiation, uv
Tailor-made systems can be supplied

Meteo Stations for low cost applications (eg surfing, kiting etc)
Including all required sensors like:
- wind speed/wind direction/temperature
- See also
low cost weather stations

two types of BASIC logger modules are available:
(with wireless options for sending DATA  to server from remote site)

Ultra low power EKO21N (RS232)
Optional remote wireless
Internet connection
via GPRS modem
pdf datasheet
Excel pricelist

iBOX (Ethernet, also low power version)
Optional remote wireless
Internet connection
via GPRS/3G router
pdf datasheet
Excel pricelist

Configured & Ready for Use for your specific Project

The system can be orderd according to your specific requirements:
refer to 
items with prices for selecting your specific wind (or meteo) monitoring configuration:

EXAMPLES OF configurations with flexiblE OPTIONS:
Basic wind logger:
  o example 1a: EKO21N-1A-1W:  1 Anemometer, 1 Windvane
     example 1b : iBOX-1A-1W     :  1 Anemometer, 1 Windvane
Advanced wind loggers: 
  o example 2a: EKO21N-3A-2W-1T-1P:
     example 2b: iBOX-3A-2W-1T-1P:
     3 Anemometers, 2 Windvanes, 1 Temperature, 1 Pressure  (barometric)
Solar Energy logger (PV):   
o example 3: EKO21N-3-1S-1C/DC: 3Temperatures, 1 Solar radiation, 1 Current/DC
Meteo logger- basic:  wind speed/wind direction/temperature
Meteo logger-advanced : wind speed, wind direction, temperature,humidity, pressure, rain,
solar,  radiation, uv (optional also soil moisture and leaf wetness for agro-meteorology)

Additional channels possible for eg
solar radiation, power, status, 4..20 mA
and (AC and DC) power transducers for power performance evaluation.
products for more available additional sensors and transducers
Can also be expanded to complete MeteoOne Monitoring system for e.g.
agro-meteorology, environmental monitoring, monitoring
nature/wood fire index

EKOPOWER provides tailor-made on-line monitoring systems for specialised purposes like wind/energy/meteo/environment/etc.