Internet enabled with SD memory card backup

Online demo of the iBOX webserver is available on request

(Enter 2 times ekopower for username and password)

Possibilities of the webserver:  see help
- Read current values and status
- Set parameters
- Control outputs
- Remote access (via internet)
- Moreover the iBOX can send data files
via FTP to server   automatically at pre adjusted intervals
- Optional  ONLINE Real Time Graphs

Online DATA & GRAPHS Graphs at your Smartphone/TAB:  
App-free for all operating systems!

           real time wind speed on your smart phone or tablet

The webserver is to access via a smartphone or TAB:

                                                        webserver access with your smart phone or tablet

Also via your smartphone, iPhone, TABLET or Laptop :
remote Online (via 3G/GPRS) or local via WLAN (WiFi)

Webserver & Display
Your PC (or laptop)  as "super display" via Ethernet / Internet for:
reading  values & status, control outputs and setup logger-parameters via embedded webserver
Possible to access the webserver remote over the internet for reading values and setup
also wireless via GPRS/HSDPA/3G router (WWAN) for remote applications


See application note for wireless remote datalogger/sensor networks
using the iBOX or  iSENSE system!

> ONLINE options
Receive data at server and view  online graphs /webdisplay


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