WEB-display: Online values  over iP via internet or intranet!
iSENSE, iBOX customised presentation available

Optional Online DATA & GRAPHS at your Smartphone/TAB :
"App-Free" for all Operating System:
  iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows Systems!
Click for

 real time windspeed on smart phone or tablet 

1 Online Real Time Graphs for any application, example:

     windspeed last 24 hours



Alphanumeric Web Display, examples see below

One Alphanumeric WEB display is free of charge supplied with iBOX , iSENSE or EKO21N-iP
(running at server of EKOPOWER)
If you want to run more Alphanumeric WEB Displays (or use your own server
with php installed!) the price is 50 euro for each Alphanumeric WEB Display, including code.
The webdisplay can easily be integrated into a html web page

Online Graphs and WEB Displays can be designed according to your requirements
and are very easy to integrate in your website!
Simply copy and paste some html code or make a link to the page.

Any online Alphanumeric WEB display can be made according to your project and in different sizes:
- medium: see below

EXAMPLES of numeric WEB-displays

      Wind Speed at EKOPOWER




See example of custom made project :online nature fire index monitoring system

Optional hosting for online graphs is also possible (not free).

Contact us if you want more detailed information