iBOX-2S: Online Micropower Data Logger / Telemetry System
- A smart interface between sensors & signals and the internet

* A Smart Micropower Online Datalogger 4G and WiFi  Options
 * Automatic Upload of Recorded Data to Cloud or Server

 * Optional Online  Graphs  and Web displays at your Server
 * Local Data Storage to 2 GB micro SD Card (Backup)
Customised Systems for Professional and Scientific Applications
 * Versatile inputs (Analog, Counters, Status etc)
 * Adjustable intervals for Logging and upload of Data

 * Embedded Webserver for contact with iBOX
 * Embedded FTP Server for data transfer to Server

     (with adjustable upload interval)


Simple iOT Data Flow Structure:

Signals >>> iBOX-2S (+ SD) >>> Ethernet/4G >>> Cloud or Server >>> Graphs  & Data

 iBOX-2S Datalogger
ibox 2s small windlogger   
Compact type iBOX-2S 
  for max 6 inputs/outputs
  including 2GB micro SD Card
  With DIN rail mounting

windspeed last 24 hours


        > Daily Online Graphs  & Data with Windows Server
        > Historical Graphs & Data
            Online DEMO
            un: wind@ekopower.nl   pw: ekopower

Data & Online Graphs at your own Server!

 * Micro power datalogger with battery life up to 10 years with single 3.6 V Lithium Battery (typ 70
A in sleep mode)
 * Upload of recorded data file and/or current value string to any FTP server at adjustable intervals
* Data worldwide available via Website/ Cloud /FTP-Server /SD Card/ Online Graphs/ Web Display
 * Easy Settings management (sample, record, upload  interval , ip settings, alarm levels etc)  
 * Data storage to 2GB uSD Card for up to 80*106  records
 * Customised Configurations,  Professional Telemetry, M2M & IoT applications with Ethernet/WiFi//4G Router
 * Versatile inputs for a number of signals (Analog, Counters, Status, Thermistor, Anemometer, Wind vane  etc)
 * Powerful Online Graph Options and optional Alarm,  Control Functions & E-mail alarms
Data and Online Graphs at your own Windows Server
 * Safe data transfer (in low power mode): Ethernet port and 4G Router only active during short periods of data transfer
 * Web display options for presentation of current values
 * Automatic UTC time synchronisation
 * Remote Access & Control via Embedded Webserver
 * Solar power options  for remote sites
 * Also available for micropower Stand-alone Applications
 * Available without datalogging in iSENSE mode see  
iSense iP Sensors

 * Optional Compact Waterproof Enclosures (IP66/67)

DATA available via:
* Web Display or Graphs easily integrated into your own website:  Signals>>iBOX-2S>> WEB Display >> Your website
* Or send data to your own server:
Signals>>iBOX-2S>> FTP server

       windspeed last 24 hours 

 Customized Infographic Online kWh meter using iBOX-2S

Four Main Design Options: 
1. Logging Only (to 2GB uSD Card) in micropower mode with one 3.6 V Li battery, no upload
2. Logging & Data transfer to FTP Server using  4G  Router with Li or rechargeable battery, upload interval adjustable
3. Logging & Data transfer to FTP Server using  4G  Router with 6V Solar Power Unit, upload interval adjustable 
4. Logging & Data transfer to FTP Server using  LAN or WiFi and Mains Power Supply, frequent upload possible
All with customised versatile inputs  and optional: online Graphs and iP67 waterproof case


Compact Temperature
Logger, Accuracy typ 0.2C
Historical Graphs & Data
Online DEMO
un: wind@ekopower.nl   pw: ekopower
    Compact Micropower Logger with Li battery 
    with optional 4G Router in iP 67 waterproof
    enclosure (13*13*13 cm)

   Battery Life:
   - Logging without upload up to max 10 years
   - Logging with upload of datafile : depending
     on upload interval
   Also available with rechargeable Battery or
   Solar Power Supply Unit


Compact Wind speed
Logger, Accuracy typ 0.2 m/s
Historical Graphs & Data
Online DEMO
un: wind@ekopower.nl  
pw: ekopower

Customised Inputs & Outputs:

Verstatile inputs like: 
> Analog 0-5/10 V voltage, 4-20mA current with
pre-processing options like min/max/average and standard deviation
> Counters (24 Bits, with reset or cumulative)
> Frequency (
with pre-processing options like min/max/average and standard deviation) 
> Status  (voltage or contact)
High Accuracy: analog typ. 0.1 % and high resolution  12 /16 Bits AD Converter
Outputs: Alarm Output (with adjustable alarm level and optional e-mail notification),  Remote Switch (via browser)
Total nr of Inputs / Outputs: 1 up to 6 (iBOX-2S)  or 7 up to 16  (Full iBOX). 
Logging with UTC Clock time synchonisation Options (each 2/5/10/15/60  minutes eg with 10 minute at 12:10, 12:20 12:30 etc)  
Standard Configurations available with one input (analog / counter). 


Direct to connect to Sensors, like:
> Temperature (Precision 2 wire Sensor, accuracy typ 0.2 C)
> Wind speed (with 2 parameter -slope & offset- calibration with recording
min/max/average and standard deviation)
> Wind direction (special input with polar average and sensor excitation for potmeter type wind vane)
> Rain (counter)
> kWh meter (nonvolatile cumulative 24 Bits Counter with prescaler)
> Solar Radiation
> Etc.
Switched Sensor Excitation with adjustable duration for Ultra Low Power applications


Monitoring solutions for eg:
Monitoring Wildfire risk (monitoring natuurbrand risico)
Urban heat stress monitoring (hittestress metingen in steden)
> Temperature Monitoring
  > Rain fall Monitoring

- ENERGY MANAGEMENT (kWh metering)

PULSE Monitoring (kWH / GAS / WATER / RAIN / FLOW / Traffic)


 Nature fire index monitoring


Special Projects like eg:

 Monitoring Wildfire risk
 (monitoring natuurbrand risico)

- Wind speed and direction
- Temperature and humidity
- Rainfall
- Wood Moisture with special sensor
- Each hour upload to Server
- Online calculation of Risc index
- Solar Powered system

The iBOX-2S System

The iBOX-2S has advanced firmware which enable fast and flexible configurations.
The setup is done quick and easy by using the control software.

Parameters, inputs, settings, iP addresses, ranges , units, intervals,
site/logger identification text etc.  can be programmed in advance to the uSD Card.
The iBOX-2S system will operate according to these settings.
The iBOX-2S has a built-in (simple) webserver and can upload files automatically
(at pre adjusted intervals) via FTP to a FTP Server or Cloud.
* OnlineManual (v12)
* Control Software v12 available on request : contact us via email

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