WIND SENSORS (Anemometers)
EKOPOWER is specialised in wind sensors and windloggers since 1983
ANEMOMETER MAX40+   datasheet  (pdf)  

The reliable and accurate MAX40+ anemometer has been supplied during many years in projects all over the world: thousands of units are operating successfully.
An optional calibration certificate is possible with MEASNET or NIST certificate.
Also available with two wire  4-20 mA output (standard calibrated to 0-50 m/s),
with reed contact or as iP anemometer together with
iBOX for datalogging and online wind measurements (see windloggers).

AVAILABLE in 3  versions:

> MAX40+/4-20mA: With calibrated 4-20 mA output   , see details:
   > specifications with 4-20 mA  (standard range 0-50 m/s, special range on request)
connections 4-20 mA
calibration certificate
calibration report
> Standard version MAX40+: suplied with our windloggers
> With Reed contact (special version) 

- extra cable and cable connector
monting arm for MAX40+ and DIR21+   (clamp size to be specified at order)
- 4-20 mA loop powered display
- 4-20 mA setpoint with adjustable alarm  (wind alarm)

Besides the standard wind sensors MAX40+ and DIR21+
a wide range of sensors are available for every user and for any application and can be used together with
wind datalogger
    anemometer max 40

WINDVANE DIR21+    datasheet  (pdf)      

AVAILABLE in 2 versions:

> Standard 20 kOhm potmeter for iBOX/EKO21 &  Wind Energy Applications
   Standard Factory Calibration Certificate
With calibrated 4-20 mA output  , see details:
Connections with  4-20 mA 
Specifications with 4-20 mA 

Monting Arm for MAX40+ and DIR21+ available
Clamp size to be specified at order

     wind vane dir21


6410 Anemometer with vane  datasheet  (pdf)  

A standard anemometer/vane (improved 7911 with stainless steel U clamp
for up to 40 mm pole diameter)
Can be connected to
iBOX windlogger or for OEM use
New: now with electronic zero power sensor,
behaviour like reed contact, but higher reliability and better prerformance. Windvane : 20 kOhm potmeter. Including 12 meter 4 wire cable.

anemometer 6410
Special: FIRST CLASS super- anemometer:

First class anemometer  (meet IEC 61400-121-CD)
with optional
MEASNET certificate and calibration report
Especially for
Professional Wind Energy Applications and
for connection to
iBOX datalogger.
See also
iBOX windlogger


    first class anemometer


Ultrasonic  anemometer WIND-EKO-SONIC

Can be connected to iBOX datalogger
The new ultrasonic anemometer has no moving parts, is maintenance free and highly accurate!
Available in three options, providing a number of different digital and analogue♠
(0..5 V or 4..20 mA) outputs, WindS-EKO-Sonic is supplied with NMEA and RS232 digital output as standard but is also available with analog outputs (eg 4-20mA). Quick and easy to install, WindSonic is designed to be mounted using a standard pole fitting and comes complete with all screw fittings, a mating marine grade connector and comprehensive user manual. Can be used as part of professional
iP anemometer!

Economic to use, Wind-EKO-Sonic is ideal for general-purpose wind measurement in applications such as: building automation, meteorology ,wind energy evaluation, yachting, tunnels etc.


      wind sonic eko

See also:
WIND LOGGERS (Professional for recording wind/meteo data to SD Card  with online options)
WIND ONLINE MEASUREMENTS  (iP anemometer with free webdisplay or  online graphs)
WIND & Weather  STATIONS (low cost/semi professional and professional)
  > WIND ALARMS are also available for safety applications with adjustable alarm level and average time interval

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