EKOPOWER helped to develop MegaWatts of Wind Energy Projects !
Data At Your Desk or Smartphone via Website/ Cloud /FTP-Server /SD Card


Solutions for Your Wind Monitoring Project  
Key Featues:
* Data at SD Card & via FTP Cloud/Server
* Optional MEASNET calibration certificate (0.1 m/s)
* High Resolution of wind speed  (0.01 m/s)
* Standard or First Class Anemometers

* Optional WiFi/GPRS/3G Connection

* Also for Stand Alone Applications
* Ultra Low Power Mode (typ 0,1 mA=100 uA)

* Remote Access & Control via Embedded Webserver
* Optional ONLINE Graphs & Web-displays and Alarms
* Configurations according your requirements
* Expandable to 8 or 16 anemometers
* From 1 up to max 16 or 32 inputs
* See also
 Most Significant Features  (pdf)
         max40 anemometer

Professional Windlogggers for Wind Energy Projects
and several types of LOW COST WINDLOGGERS
Smart Online Options
Know how about wind measurements for wind energy
* General Desription (pdf)
Data processing utilities for wind data is available

  windspeed last 24 hours


* Logging wind data to 2GB micro SD Card
* Ethernet interface iBOX-2S datalogger or Serial/USB (EKO21N)
* Several accuracy classes (0.5 / 0.2 / 0.1  m/s)
* Expandable according your specifications & requirements:
   Max 6 channels for iBOX-2S and up to max 32 channels for full iBOX

* DATA at your DESK, Smartphone, FTP server, Cloud !
* Ethernet connector to internet/network
* Embedded webserver for values and settings
Smart Online Options:
Download data via FTP/Cloud
- Online Graphs (optional)

- Optional WiFi / GPRS/3G router)
- FREE Personal 1GB FTP-Cloud 

 ANEMOMETERS for Windloggers: 

iBOX-2S Datalogger
ibox 2s small windlogger  max 6 inputs

iBOX Datalogger

ibox windlogger max 32 inputs


windlogger anemometer 6410

   Low Cost Anemometer+vane type 6410
   stainless steel U bracket for mounting 
    at pole (diameter max 40 mm)



    windlogger anemometer max40+


             Anemometer MAX40+

             A high quality and accurate   
              anemometer  with stainless  steel  
              mounting material
              (mount via vertical M5 bold)

               EXPERT                                 expert anemometer for windlogger
       First Class Anemometer for Professional
       Wind Enery Applications
and Optional
       Measnet calibration Certificate

  Overview Windloggers










First Class Acoustic

ACCURACY (typical)

typ 0,5 m/s or 5%

typ 0,2 m/s

if speed >0,5 m/s

typ 0,2 m/s (standard)

if speed >0,5 m/s
0,1 m/s
with Cal.

0,1 m/s
0,1 m/s
or 2%
(at 3 sec sample
average speed
0,1 m/s
average speed
0,1 m/s
0,01 m/s 0,01 m/s 0,01 m/s


Average wind speed & direction
Optional also max wind speed

Average wind speed












- Average direction



option DIR21 option DIR21 option First Class Included





- Ethernet
- Serial/usb



MEASNET calibration certifcate  





- Extra

- Atm pressure

- Temperature

- Humidity

- Rain

- Analog inputs
  0-5-10 Volt DC)

- Counter inputs
  for kWh/Rain

- Solar Radiation

- 3G Router 
  (for iBOX)

- GPRS modem
  (for EKO21N)

- waterproof

- Solar Power

- Datasheets see below see below see below see below see below


For stand alone applications, complete autonome system
with electronics and solar power supply in one waterproof box

direct to mount at a round pole of any diameter

* read values and /or online "real time" graphs
* wind sensors (with a wide choice of possibilities)
* datalogger, solar power, modem in a waterproof cabinet

Windserver BASIC consist of:

* 6410 anemometer with 12 meter cable
* Datalogger EKO21N-2S, modem
  (data sim card required, low cost M2M sim available!)

* Solar power supply with 12000 mAh accumulator
* Online Reading values (max/average, Beaufort nr, windrose)

   updated each 10 minutes, see example



iBOX-2S or EKO21N Datalogger with 2GB micro  / SD card and anemometer/vane type 6410 or MAX40+
(with 12 meter cable, which can be extended to any length)
Ultra low power consumption for battery operation or small pv solar module.
Current appr 120 uA.  (in low power mode, 70 mA in full power mode)
Power requirements: 9-13.5 V (standard) DC , special:  6-10 V DC or or 24 V  (specify at order) .
Or via optional power  adaptor 220V (also available for DIN rail mounting) . 

DC Power voltage is also measured and logged.
Recording capacity: many years of storage of values at the 2GB micro SD card
(supplied with micro SD to SD adaptor)

Data processing utilities for wind data is available.

Windenergy rose 1

Wind Rose  created using windlogger with wind vane



Expandable with: temperature, pressure, rain, humidity, kWh meter (AC or DC), currrent, voltage,
second anemometer, wind vane,pulse inputs, extra cable, waterproof cabinet, power supply, solar power supply or batteries, 3G Router  etc. . Ask  a quote 


Optional web displays or ONLINE Real Time Graphs, using internet  connection:
- via PC/laptop

- Online Graphs at your Smartphone/TAB  or
  "App-Free" for all Operating Systems
  iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows Systems!
  real time windspeed 
Example of Online Wind Speed Graph  at  Smartphone, Generated Using iBOX

Detailed information:

 Wind logger kit BASIC 
For general purposes 

For STANDARD LOW COST Applications choose windlogger kit BASIC 
with 6410 anemometer
A high quality cost effective set for logging average wind speed and direction
during eg 10 minutes interval (or any other adjustable interval) 
For  Surfing & Sailing, Small Windturbines, simple wind monitoring, environment, air pollution, education etc.
Accuracy: 6410 anemometer: appr. 0,5 m/s (1-10 m/s) and
appr 5% if speed > 10 m/s  (eg at 20 m/s accuracy: 1m/s)
                   low cost anemometer 6410

 Wind logger kit PLUS

For INDUSTRIAL  Applications choose windlogger kit PLUS
If higher accuracy and reliability is required choose Wind Logger kit PLUS

For accurate and reliable recording average wind speed only 
Can be used for general industrial use and small wind energy projects (kW).

with MAX40+ anemometer.  Accuracy typ 0.2 m/s if speed >0.5 m/s
Recording of average wind speed with typical accuracy of 0.2 m/s with
anemometer MAX40+

                max 40 anemometer


 Wind logger kit PRO Especially for Wind Energy Projects (> 10 kWatt)

For ADVANCED Applications choose windlogger kit PRO
If higher accuracy is required  (accuracy typ 0.2 m/s if speed >0.5 m/s) and
recording of average, minimum, maximum and turbulence intensity (standard deviation/average wind speed).
Windlogger for accurate wind speed measurements with
MAX40+ anemometer
Especially intended for medium range wind energy projects, see also
know how about wind measurements for wind energy applications.
                 max40 anemometer


PROFESSIONAL Windlogger for BIG wind energy projects (MWatts)

For EXPERT applications:  
If  higher accuracy is required  (up to 0.1 m/s with optional calibration certificate)
and recording of more anemometers (up to 8)  average, maximum,
minimum and standard deviation (for determination of turbulence intensity)
then choose our advanced 
Professional Windlogger, which is used for
site analysis & evaluation of big wind energy projects (MegaWatt Class). 

We supply customized configurations for this windlogger including First Class
Sensors (anemometers en vanes) and including atmospheric pressure sensor,
temperature sensor(s) and other required inputs and sensors
(extra acoustic wind sensors, counters, status inputs, alarm outputs etc.) and also
3G Router and online Graphs. 

Our customers are using this windlogger for projects with mast up to 125 meter
and usual 4-6 First Class anemometers.  Ask a quote for your project!

Our professional windloggers are equiped with a highly accurate (1sec) running
average filter and 16 bits AD conversion (resolution of 0.01 m/s)  and have low
power consumption.

Optional MEASNET Calibrtaion certificate (IEC61400-12).
See also
know how about wind measurements for wind energy applications:
this is our specialty since 1983 and has been exported to over 90 countries.
         professional windlogger anemometer

EXPANDABLE to customized system

The standard systems are expandable according your specifications & requirements

(max 6 external inputs for iBOX-2S and up to 32 inputs for full iBOX)
Ask a quote for your project!

customized windlogger        
   Optional waterproof box for iBOX-2S
   and Lithium Battery PacK for years of unattended  operation

- Wind vane DIR21  for Windlogger PLUS or PRO
- Additional anemometer(s) (up to max 3: for iBOX 2S, max 8/16 for full iBOX)

- First Class and Acoustic wind sensor (price on request)


- Temperature TS21

- Temperature TS21  & Humidity HUM21

- Atmospheric Pressure sensor APS21 (inside iBOX-2S cabinet)
- Rain collector 7852M with mounting to surface or pole max 40 mm

- Solar radiation sensor 6450  with bracket or professional type SR12

SENSORS for working Climate

- Internal temperature and humidity sensor

- CO2 sensor
- Pulse count input
- Pulse count input 24 bits non volatile for kWh meter

- Anal0g inputs: currrent 0/4-20 mA  or 0-5 V  voltage (standard resolution 12 bits ADC)

- Anal0g inputs: currrent 0/4-20 mA  or 0-5 V  voltage (special resolution 16 bits ADC)
- Voltage, current, cosY & Power (RMS) transducers for AC (1 or 3 phase)  or DC
- kWh meters with pulse output AC (1 or 3 phase) 
- Alarm Outputs & Alarm email notification

OTHER OPTIONS: (price on request)
- Sensor Mounting Arm for anemometer MAX40+, vane DIR21+, Temp/humidity and solar sensor
- Extra cable, power supply, solar power supply or batteries
-  3G Router for GPRS/3G internet connection

- WiFi module for connection to WLAN
- Waterproof cabinet for use outdoor (with optional cable glands and brackets to pole or wall)
-  Online Options: data automatically to server/ online graphs, sending files to internet 
  (server or free CLOUD)  and online graphs:
Data /Online real time graphs / WEB-display,  hosting and e-mail alarm notification.
   Ask  a quote
.  Hosting of web display is FREE.  Hosting online graphs is 25  euro/month.
Data sheets additional Meteo Sensors and Accessories

  >Temperature sensor TS21 with shield WS21

  > Humidity sensor HUM21+
  > Atm Pressure sensor APS21
  > Anemometer & Vane  Low Cost 6410E
  > Anemometer MAX40+ (also available  with 4-20 mA output)
Windvane DIR21+   (also available  with 4-20 mA output)
Acoustic Wind sensor (for connection to iBOX or with analog outputs)
First Class Anemometer
  > Solar Radiation sensor 6450 (with optional bracket 6673)
  > Solar Radiation sensor Professional 
  > Rain colector 7852 M (also availabale for mast-mount)
  > Sensor Mounting Arm USMA for mounting to mast or Tripod

windlogger 3G router

Example of iBOX-2S system in waterproof enclosure with power supply and 3 G Router

Data processing utilities for wind data is available
Windenergy rose 1


 More professional windloggers and other wind meters see:

WIND SENSORS (also wit 4..20 mA output)
WIND LOGGERS (professional systems wind/meteo data to SD Card with online options)
WIND ONLINE MEASUREMENTS  (iP anemometer with free webdisplay or online graphs)
WIND ALARMS (for safety applications)

EKOPOWER provides also tailor-made on-line monitoring systems for specialised purposes