Online CONTROL & Telemetry over iP via internet or intranet                    

iBOX:  iP/Web Enabled Datalogger  with embedded webserver and FTP client
- Data collection to SD Card (up to 2GByte) 
- Data automatically to FTP server(or
free FTP Cloud), or receive data files via email
- Customised systems from 1 up to 32 versatile inputs/outputs
- Optional:
  o online graphs and web dispaly
  o WiFi (WLAN) or wireless remote 3G connection (WWAN)
  o remote iP switch & alarms (switch/email)

iSENSE:  Remote Measuring via iP
- Enable internet connectivity to any classic sensor/transducer
- Optional online graphs, remote switch & alarms , WiFi, 3G
- Customised up to 32 inputs/outputs

iCONTROL-Switch: Remote Control SWITCH via iP
- up to 3 remote switches to operate via browser  
- optional alarms (hardware switch and/or email alarm notification)

- E-mail alarm notiofication for status inputs  
- up to 2  alarms contacts with adjustable setpoints
  (hardware switch and/or email alarm notification)

     ibox 2s datalogger with 6 in/outputs A small low cost  iBOX-2S unit for up to 6 in/outputs

Wireless Options: WiFi and 3G

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