iP SWITCH /   iCONTROL                  
With embedded webserver

Online CONTROL  & Telemetry  over iP via internet or intranet
Three types are available:

* Local Control via alarm setpoints
     Two User selectable setpoints with alarm output with optional email notification
* Alarm Status Notification via e-mail  
Status change (eg status switch) with email notification (alarm active /not active anymore) 
* Remote Control ON/OFF SWITCH via iP
 Control up to 3 switches remote via browser with optional power switch (230 V /6A) 

ip switch/ icontrol
In small DIN rail cabinet  including a 2GB micro SD card for optional datalogging
Optional DIN rail relays for switching 220 V/6A
Also available with extra functions for iBOX Datalogger!
Parameters, settings, ranges , units etc.  can be
programmed to the micro SD card

Wireless Options: WiFi and 3G
Switch remote installations on/off using your browser!

ONLINE CONTROL of 1/2/3 hardware switches
- With LAN/Ethernet/Internet Connection/WAN/WWAN
- Operate ONLINE with your browser up to 3 contacts
- Output options: open collector or potentials free contact (220 V/6A) at DIN rail
- Customised systems available (with optional datalogging)
- DIN rail mounted (low power consumption)
- OPTIONAL: analog inputs with alarm switches (2),  monitoring, online graphs etc.

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