Remote Online   kWh meter / Pulse Counter

Professional (sub)-metering applications (like PV or Wind Energy systems), Gas, Traffic, Rain etc
with powerful options : TCP/iP - Ethernet- FTP - WiFi - 4G - Data Logging 

kwh meter online

Customized Infographic for kWh meter, uninterrupted in use since feb 2014

Also for SDE+  kWh measurements and  "real time" (eg 15 min)  monitoring of energy production !
Can also be used as "add om" to existing kWh meters with pulse output  (SO)

datalogger ibox 2s  
iBOX-2S unit
    including 2GB micro SD Card
with DIN rail mounting
    Send kWh data to Server

Example of 1 Phase kWh meter
with pulse output and 
DIN rail mountin

* A smart counter for puls generating sensors like kWh / Gas / Water / Flow/ Rain/Traffic using  iBOX-2S system

Data (kWh / counter values) automatically send to your own FTP-Server or Cloud
* Read Counter/ kWh values remote over internet using the embedded webserver or web display (see below)
* Ultra low power mode option: typ 10 mW  (700 mW in Full power mode)
* Safe data transfer (in low power mode): Ethernet port only active during short periods of data transfer
* Low Cost Industrial grade European MID certified kWh meter
* Choose your own kWh meter 1/3 phase and Accuracy Class of the kWh meter system : A (2%), B (1%) OR C (0.5%)
* Can also be used as "add om" to existing kWh meters with pulse output  (SO)
* Flexible configuration with any puls generating kWh meter ( 1 /3 phase)
* Expandable to kWh meter network with many remote kWh meters (eg for monitoring  PV Systems)
* Pre-scaler option (1...12 Bits) with adjustable counter range : 16*106 up to max 6*1010
* Independant Energy Monitoring for research, evaluation and registration
   (no connection with inverter etc required, simply connect to pulse output of kWh meter )
Optional Data logging to 2GB uSD Card & automatic FTP Transfer of Recorded Data file to a Server
Web Display easily integrated into your own website! 

Cumulative kWh meter

         ONLINE Real Time kWh Meter

Web display for kWh meter

Read details (pdf file)                        NL Toelichting (pdf)