Wind & Wind Energy Monitoring (Professional)
For highest accuracy & reliability     

Professional Wind Site Evaluation and Windfarm/Windturbine Monitoring & Evaluation

>> Most Significant Features  (pdf)
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Compatible with wind sensors from NRG, Thies, RM Young etc.
> WIND ENERGY  Monitoring Systems (incl AC/DC kWh meter)
> Professional Windlogger starting from 655 euro ex VAT
LOW COST Windlogger speed & direction: 495 euro ex VAT
> Tailor-made systems possible for your specific project
> Ultra low power (<100 uA, battery life10 years)
Low Cost & Professional systems
> ONLINE options: ONLINE
Data /Graphs/ WEB-display

> Remote wireless internet via GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/3G

wind monitoring system

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General description
Most significant
Price list for tailor-made systems    
Wind Logger in waterproof cabinet
(field application with battery)

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INTRODUCTION: Accuracy of wind speed measurement is very important for wind energy projects!
Why? Because windpower is proportional to the cube of windspeed:
Wind Power(Watts)= A*V3  (v=wind speed in m/s)

So a small deviation in wind speed (eg 0.5 m/s at 5 m/s=10 %) will result
 in a deviation of Wind Power of 30%!

See also know how about wind measurements for wind energy applications:
 this is our specialty  since 1983 and has been exported to over 90 countries

We supply complete customised monitoring tools with internet options for:
* Wind Energy Feasibility Studies (location studies, with approved accuracy certifcates)
* Power Performance Evaluation (Testfields, determinaton of Power Curve of Windturbines)
* Monitoring & Management  of Wind Energy Projects (eg Wind Farms)
* First Class highly accurate systems can be supplied (or with low cost standard accuracy)
* Dataprocessing services and
ONLINE Graphs & Data and Email alarms

Applications:  intended for advanced or professional users!
- essential tool for developing or evaluation of  (big) Wind Energy Projects
- meteo-projects (with additional meteo sensors)
For  windsurfing, sailing (the online graph option is very useful!) and  environmental studies etc.
see our
LOW COST windloggers and Vantage Pro2 weather stations for less demanding applications.

If  higher accuracy is required  (with optional calibration certificate up to 0.1 m/s accuracy) and/or
also recording of maximum, minimum and standard deviation (for determination of turbulence
 intensity) then choose our advanced 
Professional Windlogger,  which is used for big wind energy
 projects (with optional Measnet/NIST calibration certificates and  can be supplied up to
 8 anemometers).

Our professional windloggers are equiped with a highly accurate (1sec) running average filter and
 16 bits AD conversion (resolution of 0.01 m/s) and still have ultra low power consumption
 (appr 100uA).  Also the possibility to use our
iBOX datalogger with embedded webserver,
 network connections via Ethernet and Internet (wired/wireless WiFi/3G)
 See also
know how about wind measurements for wind energy applications: this is our specialty
 since 1983 and has been exported to over 90 countries.

ACCURACY of wind speed measurements is a KEY FACTOR for wind energy projects!
The accuracy of the calculated Wind Energy production from wind data:

As the Power of a wind turbine is proportional to the cube of the wind speed (v3),
a small deviation in wind speed will highly affect the calculation of the energy production.
The relative deviation of the calculated energy production is equal to:
3*total system accuracy / average wind speed.

Accuracy of the energy prediction

For example: when the yearly average wind speed is 6 m/s, measured with a
system accuracy of +/- 0.5 m/s, the error in the calculation of the annual
energy production is appr. +/- 25%.

The accuracy should be in the range of 0.1- 0.2 m/s for good results of the prediction
or evaluation  of the energy production of a (planned) wind energy project!

First Class systems are available in any configuration with First Class anemometers and
calibration certificates, required if bank credits are used for financing wind energy projects:
- according to European MEASNET standard and according to IEC 61400-121-CD
- according to NIST standard for MAX40+ anemometer (low cost / high performance)
Expandable with meteo sensors and power transducers for power performance evaluation
Data processing software is available and data processing services are available
for eg: calculation wind energy production, determination of power curve of wind turbine etc.

See also:
Know how wind measurements
General description
 Most significant
Price list for tailor-made systems    


Configured & Ready for Use for your specific Project

The system can be orderd according to your specific requirements:
refer to 
items with prices for selecting your specific wind (or meteo) monitoring configuration:

EXAMPLES OF configurations with flexiblE OPTIONS:
  Basic wind logger:
  o example 1a: EKO21N-1A-1W:  1 Anemometer, 1 Windvane
     example 1b : iBOX-1A-1W     :  1 Anemometer, 1 Windvane
  Advanced wind loggers: 
  o example 2a: EKO21N-3A-2W-1T-1P:
     example 2b: iBOX-3A-2W-1T-1P:
     3 Anemometers, 2 Windvanes, 1 Temperature, 1 Pressure  (barometric)

Specifications WindOne System: number One in Wind Monitoring!

Features and possibilities:

> Data storage at SD memory card
    memory size standard 128MB  (up to 2 GB possible) 

> Ethernet/WiFi with iBOX module
RS232/USB/wireless GPRS communication (via iP to server) with EKO21N-iP module

> ONLINE options
DATA automatically at server and view OPTIONAL online WEB-display /Graphs
    (via Ethernet or wireless quad band GPRS/HSDPA modem or 3G router)

> Highly accurate
    optional calibration certificate with
calibration report of the system
    - according to international standards (
MEASNET, IEC 61400-121-CD, WMO,IEA etc.)
    - bank requirements for financing wind energy projects

> Ultra low power (typ. 100 uA, EKO21N:RS232/GPRS versions, or low power iBOX)
    ideal for stand alone field applications with long battery life (5-10 years)

> Customised systems possible (special design, RoHS and CE certified)
   - EKOPOWER design & production with excellent high-tech workmanship
   - any number and type of sensors/signals is possible up to 32 inputs, see below
    - also possible with ALARM outputs and SMS alarms

> Compatible with many types of wind sensors, anemometers and other sensors
    anemometers (MAX40, NRG, Davis, Thies, Vector, First Class,  Windsonic)

> since 1983 specialized in wind monitoring systems with export to over
90 countries

> Low Cost

More detal;ed information:

The WindOne system  is designed to provide an affordable and easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation and
wind generator power performance evluation. It easily supports both simple and complex monitoring applications.
The WindOne system records wind speed, gust, turbulence intensity (standard deviation/average wind speed)
and direction, as well as the time and date,  battery voltage, and other optional  important wind parameters,
like tempearture and atmospheric pressure.
The WindOne is capable of recording wind speed from one (up to eight!) anemometers, making it ideal for
more complex studies involving multiple wind speed instruments and other sensors.

The accuracy is excellent by using a two paremeter calibration: slope and offset of anemometer and meets
international standards (like WMO/IEA). Optional individual calibration certificates available (MEASNET),
resulting in an excellent 0.1 m/s accuracy.
The 16 bits conversion & calculation of values assure an unbeatable accuracy at very low costs.

The ultra low power consumption of appr 100 uA makes it ideal for remote applications, running at safe
battery pack (no solar panel required, also not if the wireless GPRS option is installed!)

The WindOne records directly to a Secure Digital (SD™) card (128MB to 2GB)  to provide reliable data storage.
An inexpensive SD™ card will store years of data at 10 min intervals.

An optional wireless GPRS internet connection is possible: receive datafiles automatically at a  server!
With optional online graphs, see below.

Using the recorded data is simple. The SD™ card is inserted into a card reader attached to the USB port
on your computer and will then show up as a drive.
Microsoft Excel  or practically any spreadsheet program can be used to view, graph, and analyze your wind data.
We also supply ready to use
wind utilities for calculations of eg Weibull parameters, Energy production,
Frequeny distribution etc.

Logs wind sensors, weather sensors, analog inputs, and system parameters

  • Anemometers (average wind speed, max, min and standard deviation)
    • Pre-calibrated (1 to 8 pcs)  for anemometers from Maximum/ NRG and
      Davis Instruments 7911/6410 or First Class anemometers
      Optional MEASNET calibration certificate and 16 bits resolution
      for highest accuracy (0.1 m/s)
  • Wind vane (wind direction, 1 to 6 pcs)
    • Works with wind vanes from EKOPOWER DIR21+, NRG 200P, and
      Davis Instruments. 7911/6410 or other types.
  • Thermometer (temperature) and atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Optional inputs, like (12 or 16 bits)  0-5 VDC or 0/4..20 mA, counters, status, etc
  • Real time clock
  • Many optional sensors available: voltage, current, temperature, relative humidity, rain fall, light intensity,
    kWh (energy) and others


  • Adjustable sampling/logging interval: The sample interval is minimal 1 sec, logging interval is adjustable
    from 1 to 10000 samples (average, maximum, minimum and standard deviation).
    For most applications, a10 min interval is ideal.
  • Sensors and Mounting: Our anemometers and wind vanes mount directly to with an stainless steel M5 bolt
    to a vertical hole. The wind sensors can be located hundreds of meters away from the WindOne system.
    Optional mounting arms are available.
  • Display: A laptop (with RS232 or USB interface) can function as super-display for reading current
    information and is used for configuring the data logger, using the supplied control software:
    A simple menu-driven interface makes setup easy.
  • Optional Ultra low power Wireless GPRS connecton for receiving data
    your server via internet and with optional online graphs

    The WindOne system is also available with Ethernet connection
    with built in webserver, using the iBOX datalogger module.
    Communication possible via ethernet and/or  internet.
  • Power Source: The WindOne operates directly from any DC voltage source between 6 and 14 volts.
    Ultra low Power consumption: approximately 100 uA, which allows the WindOne to be powered from
    the wall, alkaline or lithium  batteries, or solar power systems, or AC adaptor
  • Clock: An accurate real-time clock is used to time-stamp each measurement. The clock is battery backed
    and is accurate to within some seconds a month (or can be synchronised with server!).
  • Installation: The WindOne  mounts directly to a pole or mast using special clamps.

Wind sensors:
See overview with possibilities:
wind sensors or acoustic anemometer

Other sensors/transducers:
additional channels possible for eg solar radiation, power, status, 4..20 mA
and (AC and DC) power transducers for power performance evaluation.
for more available additional sensors and transducers

Sensor accessories:
To make the installation easier, accessories for mounting wind sensors are possible with:
- tripod
- universal sensor mounting arm (USMA) for mounting wind sensors,
  temperature/humidity sensors with shield WS21, solar sensor 6450 (with bracket 6673). 
  Available for small or big masts  (specify mast size at order)
- booms for masts.
- our partners supply masts up to 80-120 meter!