iBOX-2S:  SMART DATALOGGER / Telemetry System
A smart interface between sensors & signals and the internet

* A Smart Micropower Online Datalogger with 4G Option
 * Automatic Upload of Recorded Data to Cloud or Server

 * Optional Online  Graphs  and Web displays at your Server
 * Local Data Storage to 2 GB micro SD Card (Backup)
Customised Systems for Professional and Scientific Applications
 * Versatile inputs for a number of signals (Analog, Counters, Status etc)
 * Adjustable intervals for Logging and upload of Data

Signals >>> iBOX-2S (+ SD) >>> Ethernet/4G >>> Cloud or Server >>> Graphs  & Data


DATA LOGGER OVERVIEW  Customised Solutions
 With Powerful Options:
Possibilities Data Logger type  iBOX / iBOX-2S
Logging to SD / micro-SD Card (max 2GB)  yes
Communication Interface  ETHERNET (wired)
Optional wireless  communication via 1)  WiFi and/or 3/4G Router
Input options:
Customised input configurations for each project:
1 Analog: eg  0-5/10V or 0/4-20 mA, or special
  (adjustable real physical units, ranges & offset) 
2 Temperature(s) (precision thermistor typ 0.2C)
3 Status (voltage or contact: High or Low)
4 Special inputs for sensors with analog output
5 Counters (see below)
6 Frequency input with ultra low power
   precision f/V converter (1sec running average)
7 Anemometer(s) eg  MAX40+ or 6410, with
   f/V converter and  two- parameter calibration
   for accurate windloggers (min/max/av/st-dev)
8 Windvane(s) (potmeter type or analog eg
    0/4-20 mA with polar average & st-dev) 
9 Serial RS232 input for Windsonic Anemometer
10 Event logging (all inputs simultaneous)

Max inputs/outputs(i/o)
1 up to  6 i/o  iBOX-2S1
Special: up to 16  i/0 iBOX (limited)
Resolution A/D Converter  iBOX 16 bits
 iBOX-2S 12 bits  (16 bits optional)
Logging options (with adjustable sample interval and record interval):
*minimum *maximum *average  *sample & log
*standard-deviation  *polar average (wind vane)
(not for counter inputs, see details below)
Excitation for sensors, static (eg for wind vane)  option
Switched Excitation for sensors for low power
with adjustable "warming-up time" (max 1 sec )
Counter Inputs 12 / 24 bits recording total value
during record interval (with reset) , adjustable "pulse value"  (eg 0.2 mm or 1 Wh per pulse)
 max 6 / 3
24 bits counter option Non-Volatile Cumulative
(no reset) eg for energy monitoring kWh meter
24 bits Counter option : average puls frequency
during log interval, can be used for eg:
- average wind speed from anemometer pulses
- average Power (Watts) from kWh meter pulses
Reading current values, control and setting
parameters via
Embedded Webserver
 embedded option 1)
Reading current values via RS232/USB  no
Sending collected data files to server via FTP  2)  yes
Sending current value string to server via FTP 2)  yes
Optional Webdisplay / Online Graphs
(at own server or hosted by EKOPOWER) 
 see online options
UTC time synchronisation  embedded option
Synchronised logging eg xy:00, xy:10, xy:20 etc.  option
Remote Control Outputs (open collector/relay)
Control via internet and embedded webserver
 optional max 3
Alarm Outputs (open collector/relay)  optional max 2
Alarm conditions > , <   and between Alarm Level
(Not possible for counters  and serial input)
Alarm Notification via email: for security only possible if connection and email address are from the same Internet Service Provider and email server has static ip address (eg
Complete set with : 3/4G Router with sim card
allarm emails and online Graphs available
 optional with
 hosting Graphs
Alarm Notification via sms
(Alarm mail can be forwarded as SMS)
 mail to sms eg service
 also SMS to groups
IP Address & Gateway adjustable  (static)  yes
Current Firmware & Software versions  v12
Mounting to DIN rail (optional waterproof box)  yes
1) Webserver via 3/4G Router:
Static ip nr of sim for remote access webserver
Static ip nr NOT required for only sending data !
Webserver limited available in Low Power mode!
2) File transfer AUTOMATIC via FTP  to server at pre-adjusted intervals. Data formats:  
Data File: Current value string (overwriting)
one row, ASCII values seperated by ;
date; time; value1; value2;value3; etc
Data File with collected Data (multi row)
ASCII values seperated by ;
date; time; value1; value2;value3 etc
3) Power requirements (without sensors etc) 5/6-10 / 9-14 V @  80 mA
Low Power (LP) mode iBOX/ISENSE
Webserver limited available in Low Power mode!
5/6-10 / 9-14 V @ < 1 mA
Low power switch option for LP mode:
- Industrial 3/4G Router (operating at > 5 Volt) -
- NO  Switch possible for 3/4 G Routers with
  5V USB Power & integrated battery
- WiFi module (operating at >5V)
- GPRS Modem for EKO21N (operating at >5V )
  (only for sending value files, no data files)
Switch only on during sending data 
Webserver limited available in Low Power mode!
 Solar Power Option (with battery, LP mode)  yes (6V  with built in battery 12000mAh)
 Power over Ethernet (PoE)  option

Advantages of using a wireless GPRS/4G Router:

   > A remote or mobile connection is possible (if no local network is available)
   > Ethernet connection can -if desired- be completely separated from the main network 
     Note: If sim card with fixed iP address is used the embedded webserver is available via internet

Configured & Ready for Use for Your Specific Application: see standard configurations below

Special design with excellent high-tech workmanshipis posssible,  RoHS and CE certified
New: ultra low power version with optional wireless GPRS/3G router for remote applications

Webserver & Display

Your PC, laptop, smartphone or TABLET, iPAD  as "super display" via
Ethernet/Internet/WLAN/WiFi for:
reading  values & status and setup logger-parameters via
embedded webserver
Possible to access the webserver remote over the internet for reading values and setup
also wireless via GPRS/3G/4G router (WWAN) for remote applications
Optional online
WEB-display online graphs



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