Example of iP transducer application 

iP Anemometer
online wind measurements 

LOW COST Windlogger speed & direction: 495 euro!
With optional wireless internet connection.

The unique iP anemometer from EKOPOWER has several possibilities:

   - receive data at a server for control or own applications
   - view ONLINE values wit free
WEB display
   - view
ONLINE graphs with standard 10 min update interval (adjustable):
     o Average wind speed and direction
     o Beaufort number
     o Windrose
     o Maximum gust (max windspeed during each intreval)
   - storage of data at SD card (if required)

Unlimited GLOBAL Access To Your Data via Internet

Graphs are hosted at server of EKOPOWER, not free se below.
Graphs and WEB display are easy to integrate in your own website (copy/paste)

The system is available in several versions: with low cost
wind sensors
to professional  acoustic wind sensors.
And can also be expanded with any other sensor! Ask EKOPOWER about possibilities! 

iP Anemometer  Low Cost
 Standard A
 wind speed only
 Standard  B

 type 7911
 or 6410
 incl 12 m cable
 12m  cable
  MAX40+ /DIR21
  excl cable and arm
 incl 10 m cable
RS232/USB  495, -- euro   495, -- euro   ask quote   ask quote
Ethernet (wired)   ask quote   ask quote   ask quote   ask quote

Prices : starting from Ex VAT,  ex works. Prices may change, ask for current prices.
The low power GPRS system can alo be used with 12 V battery or solar module at remote sites.


WEB display : Free
ONLINE graphs hosting  20 euro/ month for iP anemometer 
Graphs and WEB display are easy to integrate in your own website (copy/paste) 

For wind, meteorology, wind energy we also supply
WindOne package
a superior First Class/Low Cost Wind Monitoring System
A wide range of possibilities from: simple &
low cost to advanced & highly professional systems

 ip anemometer datalogger eko21N  
Other EKO21N-iP configurations:(via wireless GPRS internet connection or wired Ethernet!)
Versatile (input) configuration options (1 up to 32 inputs).
Measurements via iP with many configurations is possibilities, see below.
With a lot of applications for technology, energy, meteorology, traffic etc.
ANY STANDARD SENSOR(s) or SIGNAL(s) can be used

 Also in group up to max 32 inputs:
   > wind sensor(s) ( using standard
MAX40+ wind sensor or low cost 7911)
   > acoustic wind sensor (professional anemometer with
acoustic sensors)
   > wind vane(s)
   > meteo stations
   > environmental sensors like CO2, NOx, fine dust, micro dust etc.
   > temperature sensor(s)
   > pressure sensor
   > solar radiation
   > uv radiation
   > rain
   > energy
   > power
   > frequency
   > level
   > counter
   > event
   > analog signals (0-10 V , 0/4...20 mA)
   > status signals (on/off, high/low)
   > serial RS232 signal (position, GPS, etc)
   > special: with inputs and
sensors/transducers according to your requirements!

We would like to offer you our solution!